Whale Watching in Jervis Bay - Watch the Video!

Wait for It, Here it Comes ….. Oh, Wow, did you see that!

Whale Watching Jervis Bay

There is no more awesome spectacle of nature than a 36 tonne humpback whale breaching – maybe even totally jumping out of the water (see our slide show).

More than 30,000 whales are expected to journey along the NSW coastline between May and November this year. With numbers increasing by about 10% each year, one of the best places to observe these amazing mammals is on the NSW South Coast and especially from our very own picturesque Jervis Bay.  Whale and dolphin watching boats leave from the Huskisson wharf twice a day and more often in busier times.

Humpback whales are the commonest species seen but visiting adventurers may also get to also see southern right whales. Orcas and Minke whales can also be seen during these times but sightings are rarer.

Jervis Bay is a Marine Park and a lot of effort is made to keep the waters pristine for whales, dolphins, seals, fairy penguins and other wild life.  Our two stylish apartments are in Huskisson and very close to where the whale watching boats depart for their cruises.

So Why is This Happening?

Whales migrate north to breed in warmer waters throughout May, June and July and return southwards with their calves to feed in the rich southern oceans from around August to late November.  Migrating humpback whales and southern right whales are often spotted inside Jervis Bay with the peak time for this being as the mothers begin to return with their calves from August until November. This annual whale migration is one of the great natural wonders of our world and it increasingly likely that you will see groups of whales travelling together. Jervis Bay is one of the best places to see this extraordinary migration.

The migration back to the feeding grounds can be very tiring for mothers and their calves. It is not uncommon for them to stop in Jervis Bay for a rest and to frolic. Whales will inherit habits from their mothers and they will often stop in the same spot that their mothers did when they were young. This will often increase the population that will visit in Jervis Bay.

Land Based Viewing

Land based observers have some excellent vantage points for whale watching, like at the old Cape St George Lighthouse, Governor Head, Beecroft Lighthouse and Headland and perhaps some of the beaches including Greenfield Beach. There is, however, nothing better than a close encounter with the magnificent whales, so a whale watch cruise is a great way to have this adventure.We have a 20% discount voucher for those that stay with us at 62 Owen at Jervis Bay. Whales will sometimes come right up to the cruise boats and some of our slides show this close encounter.

Whale watching is an adventure for people of all ages!

Are There Any Difficulties When Whale Watching?

Whale watching boats will often head out into the open ocean and so some precautions are often needed. It is best to ask for advice at the time you book a whale cruise about conditions and precautions. Here are a few you might consider:

  • don't eat a large meal just before you go on the cruise.
  • take an extra layer of clothes
  • take your camera
  • some sea sickness precautions are often advised
  • perhaps water 
  • most cruises are of about 2 hours duration

What else can we see on our Whale Cruise?

Dolphins are commonly seen on most whale watch cruises and, of course, some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia along with spectacular, rugged cliff scenery. Australian Fur Seals can also been seen along with abundant coastal bird life.

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