Some Spectacular Walks in Jervis Bay

Some Spectacular Walks in Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay has some of the most beautiful walking trails on the South Coast of NSW. The walks promote the adventurer in us and add to the amazing experiences that are possible in and around the glorious Jervis Bay. Join us at our centrally located Huskisson accommodation at 62 Owen at Jervis Bay for a time of adventure and fun for all ages as you journey to some of our favourite places.

We have especially designed 6 beautiful walks that enable the adventurer to see the native vegetation and bird life, the spectacular white sand beaches, the historic and cultural places of significance, and lastly the amazing diversity of Jervis Bay.

These are some of the best walks around Jervis Bay.

1. Telegraph Creek Nature Trail – a nature’s wonderland for the bush walker

Telegraph Creek Nature Trail is a circular walk with signs describing some significant aspects of the vegetation along the way. The trail begins at the northern end of the Green Patch car park or alternatively where it is signposted along Jervis Bay Road near the Green Patch turn-off. The walk is approximately 3.2 kilometres long and takes around one hour of easy to moderate walking to complete.

Start your walk at the north end of Green Patch carpark, then cross over Jervis Bay Road and follow a very well-marked, looped trail, ending up crossing the road again and returning to the carpark.

One of the great things about this walk is that it passes through so many types of vegetation. There is the tall eucalypt forest, swamps and little creeks, and great views of the surrounding bushland. The birdlife is good and during late winter and spring the wild flowers are abundant. There are lots and lots of grasstrees growing alongside the track and deeper into the bush. The scientific name for these slow-growing plants is xanthorrhoea. These grasstrees were used in the past by Aboriginal people to make resin and spears and the nectar was used to make a sweet drink.

Entrance to the walk is free but subject to Booderee National Park entry fees ($11 per car).Accessible bathrooms are located in the Green Patch camping area. Several benches along the trail offer a place to rest and reflect whilst taking in the scenery better.

Maps are available at:

2. White Sands and Scribbly Gum Walk – a spectacular view of Jervis Bay.

Probably the best-known walking tracks on Jervis Bay are the interconnected White Sands and the Scribbly Gum Walks.These walking tracks together create a uniquely beautiful, easy (White Sands) to moderate (Scribbly Gum) walking loop. The White Sands Walk is aptly named as it meanders through a chain of pristine beaches in the Jervis Bay region – Greenfield, Chinamans, Hyams and Seamans beaches which all have that world famous beautiful white powdery sand.

The most common place to start the walks is at the Greenfield Beach picnic area, or if you’d like a longer slightly more challenging walk, you can start from the Blenheim Beach parking area, north of Greenfield Beach. From Greenfield Beach picnic area, you’ll pass the white sands of Chinamans, Hyams and Seaman beaches, so you could take your swimmers if you fancy a quick swim along the way. You’ll be treated to incredible views of Jervis Bay at various points along the track, which is a well-known spot for birdwatching and seeing dolphins. Walkers sometimes journey along the water’s edge using the rocks as an interesting alternative. The return leg along the Scribbly Gum track takes you away from the coastline, through tall forest and woodland, finishing up at the top of Greenfield Beach picnic area. During the twilight, some furry locals including possums and gliders may be seen.

The total distance can vary depending on where you start and finish, but it is usually about a 2.5 kms loop. Leave a good hour to explore the walk.The walk is well signed with one set of stairs leading down onto Chinamans Beach. Don’t forget to take your camera, hat, sunscreen, drinking water and binoculars.View the map link below to get a feel for the journey. Accessible bathrooms are in the Greenfields Beach picnic area.  This walk is just 5 minutes drive from our Jervis Bay accommodation.

Map of White Sands and Scribbly Gum Walk at:

3. Mangrove Boardwalk – a hidden gem

The Mangrove Boardwalk is a hidden gem for the nature walker. It is a 1.4km stroll on a beautiful and accessible boardwalk through the bio-diverse river mangrove environment between Currambene Creek and the Jervis Bay Maritime Museum. From the boardwalk visitors can see beautiful Grey and River Mangroves, various bird species, crabs, fish and other flora and fauna. This walk can also be a birdwatcher’s paradise. Information notices are displayed strategically to assist visitors identify wildlife.The walk is best taken at high or incoming tide.

The well signed Mangrove Boardwalk begins at the back of the JB Maritime Museum buildings and behind the building holding the boat ‘Crest’ which is currently being restored.  This walk is very close to our Jervis Bay accommodation.

Don’t forget to take your camera, hat, sunscreen, drinking water and binoculars. Accessible bathrooms are in the Jervis Bay Maritime Museum grounds and inside the Museum.

This is one of the best walks in Jervis Bay - a hidden gem

Maps and information at:

4. The Munyunga Waraga Dhugan loop walk – includes Governor Head and Cape St George Lighthouse.

The Munyunga Waraga Dhugan loop walk welcomes Booderee National Park visitors to the country of the Wreck Bay Aboriginal people. 'Munyunga Waraga Dhugan' means 'white bellied Sea Eagles home camp' in the Aboriginal Dhurga language.

The walk is a self-guided tour of the park's natural and cultural heritage history. Featuring eight places which were named by the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community and spectacular panoramic views, it is close to pristine Murrays Beach. Munyunga Waraga Dhugan starts at Murrays Beach carpark. It is a distance of 5.4 kilometres.

The walk is a flat, easy to moderate 2.5-3.5 hour walk with stunning cliff top views and access to the ruins of Cape St George Lighthouse, built in 1860 and abandoned in the early twentieth century.

The Munyunga Waraga Dhugan Trail, (also called ‘Murrays Trail’) is flat, easy and well signed. Be ready for spectacular ocean views and lovely bush trails. Keep in mind that the area between Murrays Beach and Governor Head (about 20-30 minutes of the walk) is a view-free zone, unfortunately, as the park has designated all the area closest to the unstable cliff edges as revegetation area. The bushy vegetation growing here obstructs any potential view completely, but once you are out of that section it is stunning and worth the wait. The entire trail is well signed and the map at the parking lot will give you a fair idea of the area you will cover.

If you have more time and stamina, we highly recommend the walk to the lighthouse ruins. Follow the signs for the ‘Historic Lighthouse’. This will add about 2 hours to your hike. If you don’t wish to walk it, you can drive back up Jervis Bay Road to Wreck Bay Road and take Stony Creek Road (gravel paved) to the well signed lighthouse parking area.

Comfortable shoes suitable for walking and suitable clothing for a mostly flat walk. Take along some sunscreen, a camera and plenty of water.

Entrance to the walk is free but subject to Booderee National Park entry fees ($11 per car). Accessible bathrooms are located at Murrays Beach carpark.

A Map of Munyunga Warage Dhugan Walk at:

5. Green Patch to Iluka Beach – an amazing white sand beach walk for all ages

This walk can be accessed at either Green Patch or Iluka Beach.The less visited Iluka Beach is located between Captains Beach and Green Patch inside the Booderee National Park. It is iconic for its unspoilt bushland, crystal-clear blue water and its soft white sand. There are parking and picnic facilities located behind the beach, and it is one of the best spots in Jervis Bay for birdwatching, as well as a good place to continue exploring back to the Green Patch camping and picnic areas. The only wood fired BBQs in Booderee National Park are at the Iluka Beach Picnic area. It is better to bring some wood along if you wish to use the BBQ area.

The walk is approximately a 2 kms return trip with the option of walking up to an extra 2kms to the Captain’s Beach near HMAS Cresswell. There is important seagrass areas 50m off Captain’s Beach. The Green Patch turn off is off Jervis Bay Road that travels through Booderee National Park. The Iluka Beach is a left turn just after turning onto the road to Green Patch.

Don’t forget to take your camera, hat, sunscreen, drinking water and swimmers. Accessible toilets are in the Iluka picnic area.

A map of the area can be found at:

6.  Hyams Beach Trail – The Bird Spotters Walk

Keen to meet some of the Jervis Bay’s birdlife? Hyams Beach trail, also known as the Bird Spotter’s walk is great for birdwatching in Jervis Bay National Park. This delightful but sometimes challenging walk was designed by the local birdwatchers. They’ve even added some signs to explain the birds you’ll see and hear along the way.

You should keep an eye out for some of the birds the Jervis Bay area is known for, like New Holland Honey-eaters, Eastern Spinebills, Eastern Rosellas, and Crimson Rosellas. The native flowers in late winter and spring time are also abundant with the many large grasstrees being a standout.

The walk starts at the end of Lister Crescent which is at the southern end of the Hyams Beach village and can be accessed via Cyrus Street. The start of the walk is signed, and the walk is about a kilometre in length, then you turn left at the Naval Trig Station and continue a short distance to the beautiful white sands of Hyams Beach for perhaps a refreshing swim. The walk back along Hyams Beach brings a delightful aspect of this walk.

The total distance of the walk is about 2km return and will take somewhere between 45 mins to 1hr 15mins. There are some challenging aspects to this walk with steps and a small gully to pass through.

What to bring: Hat, sunscreen, drinking water and binoculars if you want to bird watch. Parking is limited in Lister Crescent but from there it is a short walk to the start of the Hyams Beach trail.

Map and Information at:

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