Whale and Dolphin watching on Jervis Bay: Experience of a Lifetime

For the experience of a lifetime, why not try whale and dolphin watching? Thanks to the luxury accommodation provided by 62 Owen – the best place to stay in Huskisson, located right here on Jervis Bay – experiencing the wonder, joy, and excitement of pure nature like never before simply could not be easier. With such a wide range of breathtaking whale watching and dolphin cruise options on offer, your family – as well as your friends – are afforded with a truly fantastic way to enjoy beautiful Jervis Bay all year-round.

Offered throughout the year, dolphin watching can get you right up close to these creatures in their natural habitat in addition to showcasing the serene nature of the sandy white beaches and its surrounding area. In Jervis Bay, you’ll come across countless bottlenose dolphins, happy to show off their swimming prowess while playing in the sparkling clear water. An incredibly graceful species renowned for their constant ‘smile’, Bottlenose dolphins generally travel in small groups or ‘pods’: catching a glimpse of these agile, sleek creatures jumping, diving, and swimming through the bay waters – racing at speeds of up to 37 kilometres per hour – is a breathtaking sight. A Jervis Bay stay lets you take all that in.

Lucky enough to visit us between May and November? Your nature watching experience could offer truly memorable and unforgettable moments in spotting the migration and lengthy journey of the majestic humpback whale. These whales are famous for their extensive periods of migration (the longest of almost any species of animal). Your trip may even include unique and one of a kind sightings of female humpback whales nursing their young through Jervis Bay. A superb and glorious dolphin and whale watching adventure awaits you – all that’s left to do is book your bayside stay with us!