5 tips on finding the perfect holiday destination for your family

5 tips on finding the perfect holiday destination for your family

Here are 5 tips to follow on finding the perfect holiday destination for your family!

1. Be sure to choose accommodation that suits everyone: when travelling, most families typically head for hotels but this mightn’t be the best choice. With two rooms that can perfectly accommodate you and your kids, self contained luxury accommodation such as holiday rental homes or cottages generally work wonders for families and are some of the best stays in Jervis Bay.

2. Keep management in the loop: Found the perfect place to stay? Always let management know when booking that you’re travelling as a family. Informing them enables them to anticipate meeting all your unique requirements during your stay at their luxury accommodation – including covering the particular amenities and equipment your family may need.

3. Take your dining options into account: this can also be complicated when travelling with kids. In considering the food preferences of your family, opting for luxury accommodation – such as a self contained holiday cottage or home – equipped with a complete kitchen makes this easier on you.

4. Location, location, location: in choosing accommodation for your family’s trip, ensure that you can easily reach planned destinations, local hotspots, and tourist attractions from where you’re staying. The luxurious 62 Owen offers you the opportunity to wake up to a rising sun over the world famous, crystal clear waters of Jervis Bay.

5. Flexibility is key: indeed, the usual hotels offer convenience but at the price of a unique experience. Luxury accommodation in the heart of vibrant Huskisson – complete with the beautiful surroundings of Jervis Bay – offer you and your family a whole host of exciting things to do. In effect, you’ll be able to experience a brand new getaway – a different kind of holiday from all those previous ones you’ve been on.