5 factors to consider when booking a luxury holiday for you and your family

5 factors to consider when booking a luxury holiday for you and your family

1. Be sure to plan ahead: planning a luxury holiday for you and your family well in advance can offer huge dividends. To help get you the best deals in booking accommodation and flights, start planning family trips as much as three to six months in advance.

2. Search flights: Start by looking out for the best rates for flights to and from your destinations on the internet. Don’t only look to the most economical flights, but also factor in the cheapest month to fly and plan your trip based on the airfares – they form a major chunk of your holiday’s budget.

3. Choosing the ideal ‘Home away from Home’: when booking a luxury holiday, look to the best deals – quality accommodation with good value for money. There’s nothing like poor accommodation to put you off on your holiday. With stunning views, luxury self-contained accommodation in Jervis Bay offers your family a good night’s sleep in a great and comfortable bed after all the hectic activities and travelling throughout your day.

4. Sorting out must see places: Before booking, decide on the attractions and activities you would want to include in your holiday. Considering interests, time and budget, 62 Owen is quite simply the best place to stay right here in Jervis Bay, offering you and your family a whole host of things to do and see.

5. The devil lies in the details: prior to beginning your luxury holiday, write a ‘Residence to Residence Itinerary’ and plan down to the smallest details before locking your house and driving off. Be ready with the costs of when you start; reaching the airport; your family’s accommodation itself; the trip’s destinations; restaurants your family will eat in; attractions you’ll be visiting/on which days – in addition to how you’ll be commuting/reaching these places.